2025 Championship run

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2025 Championship run

Post by JH-Tide »

Howdy, all...

Another season in the books.

I don't post much, but wanted to thank Dave and everyone else who's still up and running a team these days. Being able to check in for game results a couple times a week has been pleasant throughout what has been a fairly dismal few months.

There was a bit of talk earlier in the year about getting teams' gameplans and the like posted each week. There are some hurdles in the way, it seems, but in the meantime I thought I'd put mine up. I settled in pretty early on, and left it for the season.

I'm thinking what I'll do is leave it for next year, all 14 games (and playoffs, if the team gets that far). I only make injury changes, generally, so the roster I have up week 1 is likely to ride the full season. This way, anyone with the Tide on their schedule can plan and scheme against the setup. I'm hoping folks will post what they're throwing against it, that more veteran owners might offer advice to newer players, and a few conversations might kick up here on the forum.

1st Half: KC, with KC coach
2nd Half: Run Conservative 4 (RC4) with Run Aggressive coach

1st and 2nd Half: CHI, with CHI coach

It's a fairly basic setup, really. Offensively, in the first half, the team goes pass-first to move the ball, becoming more conservative as they reach the red zone. In the second half, the passing game gets extremely conservative and gives way to a grinding run game that slows everything down.

Defensively, it's usually a 4-3 that tends to be very aggressive up front and hope the DBs don't screw up coverage too badly.

It's not particularly creative or exotic, but with a solid roster (and a lot of luck with few injuries this season), it's a setup that's decent against most defenses and stifling with a lead.

I'm hoping y'all will work out how to crush it and clue each other in. See if you can flip 'em to 2-12 next season.

Good luck this offseason.


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Re: 2025 Championship run

Post by TC »

Hey JH,

First, CONGRATS on the championship! :)

Second, thanks for sharing the PPPs you used this season as well as the breakdown about them!

Up until this season my standard PPPs were:

1st Half - Dallas profile and plan
2nd Half - Dallas profile and plan

1st Half - PB1 profile with PC1 plan
2nd Half - PB2 profile with PC2 plan

I mixed it up quite a bit this season as what has worked for the last 14 seasons isn't cutting it - I haven't taken a different approach to player evaluation or team building, so I can't quite put my finger on what has changed. And, I'm still trying to figure out the plan for 2026 ;)

I do hope we can get the PPPs posted weekly at some point in the near future...

Good luck to all in 2026!

Thanks again,
General Manager
Springfield Slayers

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Re: 2025 Championship run

Post by Connecticut »

nice writeup guys, thanks for the info!

In other leagues I often went with GB offense and PIT or JAX defense with inconsistent results. So I'll likely leave them at whatever they are defaulted to for my team in this league. I just know that a Tennessee defense blitzes like crazy haha.

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