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Colorado 2017

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What can you say about a season that begins with the retirement of an icon? To say the least trepidation ran through the Wildcats, team and fans alike. A steadily degrading defense from the days of yore, the retirement a year earlier of long time starting QB Craig Strickland, and now the loss of one of the best Running Backs to grace the FIFL. Colorado has fallen far from it's FIFL Bowl wins in 2005 and 2006 and even the most stalwart fans are unsure if they can return to greatness.

The Trade :evil: - To begin the season the Wildcats opened trading by shipping off 4 long-time starters, OL Ahmed Bhatti and Grant Brinkman, DT A.J. Blazek and LB Jarrod Penright to acquire another 1st round Draft Pick as well as a young LB in Larry Reed and another draft pick in the 3rd round. Colorado fans were stunned by the move, Blazek was concidered the 'Cats best DL and Penright had been a starter since the day he was drafted. Bhatti and Brinkman were both quick and strong vets who had both kept Colorado QBs safe for numerous seasons and paved the way for Blake's stellar career. Murmurs of outrage swept the fansites and even the locker room, deprived of a some of it's veteran leadership, no one understood, and didn't seem inclined to attempt to do so.

Draft day :? - After trading away to advance in the draft, after the rumblings of discontent, Colorado GM Christian Arndt did something he had not done in a single previous draft, he didn't show. Colorado fans were outraged but the coaching staff seemed well versed on their duties for the day, and as the day progressed the Wildcat's staff made their selections without hesitation. Picking up DE Rahim Abdullah with the 3rd Overall pick they had acquired in the big trade, and HB Danny Woodhead with the 8th Overall pick they had already owned. The draft continued bringing another DL in DE Keaton Cromartie, WR Tony Simmons, FB Jamar Martin and OL Josh Sewell, Rob McMackin and Torrin Tucker. Some of the naysayers began to quiet down but the rumblings were still there, one overlying tone could not be quelled.. the loss of Blake.

Training Camp :shock: - Despite a load of talented backs on Colorado's roster including Blake back-ups Sha-ron Edwards and Kevin Prosser Colorado fans couldn't see a satisfactory replacment for the retired star. Everyone knew that they were nothing but window dressing, talented but inevitably just acquired as insurance for the tireless Blake. Opening day of Wildcat training camp was overrun by grumbling and unsatisfied 'Cats fans and as the players took to the field for the first time they couldn't help but hear the boos and catcalls amongst the cheers. And then, silence.. coming out of the fieldhouse dressed just as most of the other Colorado coaches were was someone none of the Colorado faithful could fail to recognize - their star, the fan favorite - Ricky Blake and jogging next to him the newest 'Cats HB, Danny Woodhead. As the faithful exploded into cheers at the sight of Blake little did they know they were looking at both the past and the present. As training camp progressed Woodhead quickly won over the fans and with tutoring from Blake impressed the coaches enough to be declared the starter before Colorado's Week 1 match-up. As the FIFL news site hyped, the Woodhead era had begun.

The Present :?: - Colorado is still searching for an identity early in the 2017 season, sitting at 1-2 after 3 weeks and with still somewhat lethargic offensive production and a defense that has it's moments, but makes far too many mistakes. Woodhead thus far has not been overwhelming, but the 'Cats have been playing from behind a great deal of the time and the running game has been left by the wayside at times. The offense is currently being carried on the shoulds of QB Clay Groefsema and WR Ben Nelson who currently leads the FIFL in recieving yardage. However Groefsema has recieved a pummelling thus far, being sacked 21 times in 3 games behind the revamped Colorado line, a figure which leads the FIFL in it's dubious glory. All their games have been close, including a 3 point opening loss to Division rivals Portland at the Prowler home and a week 3 loss despite a strong showing against the undefeated Springfield Slayers. Their only victory? A 9 point win at home agains the Connecticut Coyotes, the same team that was involved in the trade for the Colorado veterans at the beginning of the season. While Colorado fans are dissappointed in the showing thus far, there is hope, and for now.. it's enough.

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