Rochester face another former QB

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Rochester face another former QB

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The Raiders had a close win this week, holding off Connecticut and their former QB Shane Franzer. Franzer had a great career with Madison (Who became Rochester) and was traded to the Coyotes for a 4th round pick a few seasons back. Franzer has been superb for Conn since and nearly led them to a win over his former team, in defeat Franzer threw for enough yards to pass 30,000 for his career.

Rochester now face their former backup Julian Reese, Reese was the backup to Albert Higgs and performed well in spot appearances but with the drafting of Quincy Carter, Reese was traded to Everett in exchange for FB Joshua Rue.

The Raiders seem to have the knack of developing QB's, they also drafted Todd Marinovich who was traded to Albany who are 4-0 this year.

In other news DE Arpedge Rolle who might be traded this week suddenly upped his level and had the best game of his season with 2.0 sacks.

CB Damien Huren, a talented speedy CB who hasnt lived up to expectations had a huge game with 2 interceptions.

LB Shan Housekeeper with 3 tackles moved up to 24th on the all time tackle list, 14 more and he'll hit the top 20.

Rookie 1st round pick S Terreal Bierria has the most tackles amongst rookies with 22 in 4 games. He'll have a tough job this week facing QB Julian Reese who was named the weekly MVP after his 400 yard performance.

One GM's infatuation with Charles Stackhouse continues. A few days after praising Wes Ours, Stackhouse (the former backup to Ours) had the best game of the season with 152 yards rushing (another 63 receiving) and is currently the 2nd leading rusher in the league and 3rd in overall yardage.

"Tell him to stick it in his pipe and smoke it" said an angry Stackhouse after the game. "And the restraining order is also out ! If he mentions myself and Ours in the same sentence again he'll go to court".

Sadly Wes Ours remains as a 3rd string HB and despite Ours being the player one certain GM would like to have above all others he has yet to trade for him. Perhaps he might this week after his RB had just 37 yards at a 3.1 average ?

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Post by Connecticut »

the league modo should be something like "need to pad your rushing stats? Play Connecticut!!!!"


p.s. in the other thread i mixed up your rookie safety with CB Huren, woops :o)

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