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GBB Week 7

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Miffed after perusing over the previews for week 7, GM Jimmy Hanlon of the Green Bay Bombers decided to hold a press conference. The Green Bay press turned out with most other media shunning this event. “So we are not winning, and nobody cares?” choked a mad Hanlon as an opening statement. “Look, we admitted we made a mistake to start the season. That mistake has been erased. Didn’t y’all see that movie? Has no one noticed our former QB-in-waiting Raymond Philyaw led us to victory over the #1 team in our division last week? Bart Starr backed up Tobin Rote and his backup Zeke Bradkowski was always there. Now Philyaw gets his chance and beats the LEADING TEAM IN OUR DIVISION last week and no one gets on board? Worse yet, we are expected to lose by 5 this week? I’m flabergastered. The prognosticators are wrong on this one. The Bombers plan to WIN!” ranted the over-excited GM “We are a force to be reckoned with in this league!” he continued. “Er… ummm… sir?” Creaked a nervous voice in the background. Hanlon angrily faced this interloper with a menacing glance. “uh, sorry to interrupt you sir, but you might want to know the results of our medical team for this week” murmured the shaking intern. Hanlon quickly huddled and at once turned ashen, weaving to and fro as he absorbed the added information. “Well, it’s worse that we thought as far as injuries this week. We haven’t ever been hit like this. We’re at an obvious disadvantage due to injuries against a club that should have a much better record than they have, and we’re in their house. That’s still no excuse. See y’all on the field Thursday”. The GM refused to answer further questions to a stunned media crowd. He politely excused himself without further revelations on current injury status or replacements. One seasoned observer noted Hanlon appeared nervous to the point of being overwrought at the prospect of losing this week.

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The Green Bay press turned out with most other media shunning this event.

The Green Bay press? You mean both of them were there?
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Good writeup, Jimmy! :)
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