Will OL injury slow down the Coyotes?

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Will OL injury slow down the Coyotes?

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The Connecticut Coyotes have been on a roll lately. We've had a few small injuries including HB Shannon for a few weeks and one of our starting CBs. Nothing major like what FWS has endured, so we've managed the few nicks and bruises just fine.

However, late in the game this week the top Coyote OL Nick Mihlhauser got injured and is out for 5 weeks. We have some talented depth at the position but is it good enough to play at the same level he's been playing at? Nick helped open up gaps for the vet RB Shannon and rookie RB Bagwell, as well as trying to keep the 93 year old QB Shane Franzer upright every once in a while. Will this injury spell doom for the hopeful Connecticut team? We'll see!

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