Franzer's last dance? Or will he return for an encore?

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Franzer's last dance? Or will he return for an encore?

Post by Connecticut »

Connecticut QB Shane Franzer completed his 17th season in the FIFL. Easily the oldest starting QB in the league, the only player older than him is a kicker whom completes his 18th season this year.

This season he led the Coyotes to career highs in wins (10) and their first ever Division tie. His 108.4 rating this season is his best since 2012 with Madison - 9 seasons ago.

A 5th round draft pick for Austin in 2005, he was traded to Madison where he showed glimpses of stardom and helped Madison to 5 playoff births in his 8 seasons there, including an appearance in the Gold Cup in his final 2014 season (lost to Springfield). Following the loss to Springfield, he was traded to Connecticut where he has helped the Coyotes to 3 playoffs in his 7 seasons here but no victories.

Will he return for his 18th season? After the punishment (7 sacks + multiple knock-downs) that Tennessee unleashed on him and being the 4-most sacked QB in the league, he'll rest up over the winter before deciding his fate. Sorta Brett Favre style. One thing is for sure, Connecticut will certainly welcome him back for an encore!

till next season ..
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Post by Mike »

time for retirement. I mean CON's team was amazing this year, should have won the division.

Seriously passing is not important to the Coyotes as it is on other teams. CON (10-4) is middle in terms of first downs, yet CON is second-to-last in passing first downs!!!! Meanwhile, CON is #3 in rushing first downs. WR Dues is probably a WR that can catch anything (118 catches) and can break tackles (14.3 yds/catch over 118 catches in unbelievable!) WR Dues alone had 1668 yards out of 3666 (45.5% of yards) and 39.1% of team catches.

CON's division was the toughest this year. Yet, Franzer could have won the division on the road vs. PIT (11th rank pass D). Or perhaps earlier vs. ROC who had the 18th-ranked pass D at the end of the year. Franzer can't lift the team to a higher level...let him retire before he embarasses himself like Favre did.
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Post by pjohns »

Cant say that he embarassed himself, he just led Connecticut to their career high in wins, so he hasnt done a 'Favre' or embarassed himself. If he retires then Franzer retires on a high, if he doesnt he can still play great football.

I really liked Franzer when he was with me, very good QB who didnt make a lot of mistakes, just with the chance for Albert Higgs i had to take it and made the move. Worked out well for both teams

As for Favre in his penultimate year all the negative people had to shut up as Favre had a career year and nearly nearly led the Vikings to the SB. In his final year it was sad to see but i dont know why so many people hate to see veterans carry on playing.

Walter Payton didnt exactly have a great final year.

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