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Terrible year, but maybe for the best.

Morris has a few more years but will end his career with us unless someone makes an amazing offer.

Foggie is on his way out.... I wanted Harrell as future starter but thinking White has better upside so may go that way. Wish I didn't trade away Masoli as well but maybe now I will put Harrell on the trade block.

Quick notes:

WR Terrell Owens (rookie)
HB Tony Stallings (4th)
FB Eric Shelton (3rd)
1st round pick (Kentucky)
5th round pick (Marion)
6th round pick (Portland)
6th round pick (Green Bay)

Traded away
QB Jerimiah Masoli (Rookie)
HB Jamar Day (7th)
HB Cedric Humes (3rd)
FB Dezra Shaw (7th)
WR Tim Gilligan (8th)
WR Ken-Yon Rambo (5th)
G Viral Keshwala (9th)

Trading Humes away and Masoli was great deal for Kentucky so hope to make up for it. Jimmy got Rambo and I have Owens and feel good about that deal on my side, and am sure he is 'OK', or will be.

Expect some overhaul in PIT but really think we are competitive going into 2023.

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