2024 Game Day!

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2024 Game Day!

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Standing in The Shadow of the Frozen Tundra, the Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena resolutely waits for week one of the Federal Indoor Football League season. The current tenants, the Green Bay Bombers host the Springfield Slayers. Will the Slayers slay the Bombers or will the Bombers bomb the Slayers? Let’s examine the possibilities.
The Bombers look to rebound from a dreadful 2023 in no small part due to leading the league in penalties. That is uncharacteristic for a Bombers team and was heavily addressed in the off season. Lack of discipline pointed to lack of leadership in the locker room. Said locker room is now devoid of suspected culprits leading to a much younger roster. No less than 11 rookie or 1st year players worked their way onto the team for this season. Training camp was a mixed bag as it always is. Talent is lacking in many key areas, especially on defense. However, what remains is good enough to challenge for a playoff spot. Changes wrought from analyzing past performance and incorporating new techniques for assessing talent led to several important position changes. The lead running back roll is now expected to feature Jamil Porter… apparently he just carried the bags better? Top performer and fan favorite Lorenzo Booker is now a reserve but not forgotten. His future remains bright. Long time backup Will Bartholomew put in a strong bid for HB1, eventually earning the FB1 spot. The team expects a major contribution from him. Wide receiver/tight end remains a plus featuring an improved (!?!) All World tight end Kori Dickerson. The offensive line is solid, and while not totally out of the woods, will account for fewer penalties. Newbies Brewster and Lewis are noteworthy. The latter has an intriguing training regimen that plays well vs the former and his more traditional methods. Put a ‘Watch’ on that battle for the future! The defense has decent starters for the most part, but depth will be a major problem. Injuries will be extremely problematic here. Of course, with John Paul Jones rocking DT, Terry Pierce at LB flanked by Midlam & last season’s breakout Adam Austin on the corners and Sergio Gilliam safely in center don’t underestimate this unit. Rookies Dixon & Adewusi (intelligent new firm bringing big sticks to lay down the law?) show strong promise for the future at safety. Look for a new philosophy in coaching game books to shore up both offensive and defensive units.
Springfield counters with its’ excellent Gold Cup contender caliber roster. This is a National Conference North Division game. The schedule looms like a gauntlet this season. Week one should provide some rock’ em sock 'em football at The Vet! CYA on the field!
[Editor’s Note: the Hanlon Indian Bingo Casino set the line at SPR -11 (SPR 17, GBB 6)]
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Re: 2024 Game Day!

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nice write up
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