at the Bombers Banquet: Leroy's Pub, Nigel Gruff prop

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at the Bombers Banquet: Leroy's Pub, Nigel Gruff prop

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Bombers Offensive Player of the Year: HB1 #30 Jamil Porter

Won an exhausting preseason competition for the HB1 slot over incumbent Lorenzo Booker [excellent in 2023] and Will Bartholomew. Goals were average 5 yds/rush, 1000 yds total. Came damn close in those areas [998 total rush yds 4.7/rush]. Excelled at putting the team
on his back and willing it to the W. GBY 2024 was an offensive team effort driven by the force that is Jamil Porter. OPOFTG Gold Cup XXVI.

Bombers Offensive MVP: HB1 #30 Jamil Porter 'nuff said.

RUNNER UP: OL oh my! 3rd overall allowing only 37 sacks and 0 safeties, integral cog in running game that constantly gained positive yardage & nearly achieved goal [5 yds/rush]. Committed very few penalties, complete 180 from last season!

Bombers Defensive Player of the Year: S #33 Sergio Gilliam

Heady play from the defensive QB position. "I got your back" attitude led a top 3 overall rating. 2 Interceptions championed management basic philosophy of 'knock it down'. [where is that after market stat addition that actually tracks knockdowns?] 110 [#2 overall] Individual Tackles.
1 sack 1 Fumble recovery.

Bombers Defensive MVP: [Encroachment, #65 David Upchurch, defense 5 yards and down over] DE #65 David Upchurch basically encroached on opposing offenses from point of acquisition. GBY long admired this once upon a Prime Time cog in Joe J's Tennessee Riverhawks steamroller defenses for a string of Gold Cup appearances. Week two management saw this player without a job and instantly changed that status:

Week 2 Green Bay Drops DT Dominique Easley and signs DE David Upchurch.

...and it began. He started DE1 for a couple games and switched to DE2 [his call]... and it was REALLY on. This player is a horse of a force. GBY led the league with 6 safeties and he had a third of those [Tip 'o the hat to P Steve Azar]. He added a sack in Gold Cup XXVI. The
bottom line, when he showed up the Bombers defense grew to greatness indelibly etched in the 2024 Gold Cup annals.

RUNNER UP: LB Terry Pierce MONSTER DPOTG Gold Cup game punctuated excellent season.
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