LB Shan Housekeeper retires !

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LB Shan Housekeeper retires !

Post by pjohns »

Devastated ! One season away from the all time tackle record which he would have got and he retires !

1055 tackles for Madison/Rochester, finishes 2nd all time just behind Wayne Wade (1092 tackles)

Housekeeper started all 14 games last year as Rochester finished 5th against the run, he had 55 tackles and an int. Was just 37 tackles behind Wade the all time leader in tackles.

Surprised he retired as he started regularly and wasnt starting for the sake of it (As shown by the high defense ranking against the run)

Had a great great career, former #1 pick, played in two FIFL Bowls, one GM at the time mocked him as he was injured his rookie year, rolled off great year after great year to prove the doubters wrong. Shame he retired so close to the record and very surprised (Thought most vets who started in the FIFL played longer ?).

With only 37 tackles away from the record i cant believe hes retired

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Post by Marco »


there are rules about unretiring players, so maybe you want to take a chance with him ?

Only I dont know of the 'MAX'-rule means with 12 seasons he can be unretired or not. But else he qualifies :)

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Post by Mike »

It was ironic...Housekeeper and Lindamood had great careers, both retired now. That rookie year I sent in a list, Housekeeper was high on my list but I somehow ended up with Lindamood.

Ah, well, one has to feel alright with the small comfort of 2 Gold Rings for Lindamood, 0 for Housekeeper. Housekeeper had 5 key tackles in that game...barely lost to SPR 17-16. Can't blame it all on Housekeeper, though. The halfback for ROC did not perform well in that game only had 1.5 yds/carry on 13 carries. Three guesses who that was...
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