Great Punter (PIT)

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Great Punter (PIT)

Post by Mike »

Wow, happened at least twice in the game. I think this is pretty far...touchback from own 36?!?! Maybe I'm wrong but that is pretty far.

Pittsburgh's ball on their 36 yard line. Fourth and less than 2 to go. 3:48
left in the second quarter. The score is Fort Wayne 10, Pittsburgh 7.

Pittsburgh's P1 #4 Eric Wilbur punts the ball past the goal line.
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Re: Great Punter (PIT)

Post by Commish »

Not a good game punting.... 5 punts, 5 touchbacks.

Punts Num GAv Lg TB Bk
Wilbur 5 36.2 44 5 0

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