HB Morris on the Trading Block

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HB Morris on the Trading Block

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Pittsburgh (AP) Rumours are swirling that the top rusher in the league, HB Bam Morris, is on the trading block. On pace for 1233 yards, the Eastern Division bottom-dwelling 2-6 Pittsburgh Gladiators are weighing their options before the trade deadline.

The Gladiators have been one of the most unlucky teams this year (notwithstanding the terrible officiating and bounces that led to PIT's win over Fort Wayne in week 1). Loss by 2. Loss by 3. Loss by 3. Loss by 3. Big Win. Big loss. Loss by 3. Hmmm 3 points..time for a new FG kicker?

That being said, it is almost time to look to the future. Morris is 11 years now, and reaching the end of his career. Many teams could use a better RB as they strive for the playoffs: HON, SPR, CHE, MAR come to mind. It is a tough decision by GM Harwood as bad luck plus a bunch of 'almost good enough' QBs seem to be to blame for the season. Each QB seems to be suited for particular opponents, while other opponents would eat the same QB for lunch.
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